Elephant Appreciation Day

School spirit days are back in action! Our first spirit day follows annual tradition, it is Elephant Appreciation Day! This is happening on September 18.  Students are expected to come prepared to appreciate these awesome creatures.  They can dress up as an elephant, come prepared with elephant jokes, bring their favorite stuffed elephant....pretty much anything is fair game as long as it is appropriate and demonstrating a love and appreciation for elephants!


National Elephant appreciation day origniated in 1996.  It is nationally celebrated on September 22 every year.  People of all ages are fascinated by elephants.  They are larger than life and profoundly intelligent animals.  The average lifespan of an elephant is 60 to 70 years, and they develop remarkably close family bonds.  They are very playful animals who love to frolic in the water.  Elephants are herbivorous animals who will eat almost any type of plant from grass to trees.  In captivity, they are also very fond of cabbage, lettuce, bananas, apples and many other types of fruits and vegetables.