Picnic in the Parking Lot

Picnic in the Parking Lot   Sept. 21 6:00Picnic in the Parking Lot Sept. 21 6:00


Everyone is invited to come and enjoy some fellowship and hotdogs on Tuesday Sept. 26th from 5:00 to 7:30 at the school for the Annual Picnic in the Parking Lot.   It is also the official first day of Fall.  What a great way to celebrate and build fellowship—with hot dogs.  If you want more than a hot dog then A to L is asked to bring a salad and M to Z is asked to bring a desert or you can switch it up and do the opposite.  It is up to you.  Everyone is asked to bring their lawn chairs or tailgates to sit at while visiting with everyone in the school.  It is supposed to be a beautiful day so plan to attend.  Feel free to give us a heads up for how many are coming so we have a rough number for hotdogs but if you forget to tell us then just show up anyways.  This is your opportunity to meet the new teachers and see which ones have new hairdos and to meet the other moms and dads in your class and in the school.  You will also get to check out the changes in the school.  Teachers will be in their classrooms from 5:00 until 6:00 to meet with parents on an individual basis.  Please pre-book your time slot so you don’t get caught in a big line-up.  When you arrive before 6 follow your child as they give you a tour of the school and show you all the cool stuff, like their locker, the place they put their shoes, the spot where they dropped their sandwich, and their classroom . . .   At 6:00 come back upstairs and outside if you are not already there as that is when the hotdogs and fellowship officially start.  Sometime after 6:30 the soccer game—adults versus the non-adults begin. Everything wraps up at 7:30.  Come for a great night.