Tree Planting Day

Everyone is invited to our tree planting day this Wednesday, September 23.  It is sponsored by FortisAlberta.    We will be planting 16 large caliper trees in the school/church grounds.  Fortis will be drilling holes in the early morning of that day and then they are sponsoring a bbq for all the volunteers, which is us!  The BBQ will be smokies, chips and drinks for everyone!
Here is the itinerary for the day:
8:25    Regular Start to the school day
12:00  BBQ
12:40  Gather in the chapel for a message and presentation from FortisAlberta
1:00    Head outside to participate in tree planting with everyone bringing shovels and gloves and a wheelbarrow if you have one of those
Book an extended lunch for Wednesday to come join us in the afternoon for a good old fashioned tree raising party!