Online Learning Resumes

Online Learning ResumesOnline Learning Resumes

May 5, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for continuing on this year in spite of the uncomfortable circumstances we continue to face.  Each of you has been impacted by the government's decisions last night.  Some of you have a lot to process and some of you have a little but all of use have some figuring to do.  I am thankful I have Holy Spirit to banter with, as it would be way more challenging on my own.

Here is a summary of what the announcement means for life at LCA for the next two weeks:

-Learning from home begins Monday, May 10 for all grades K-12.  We all return to the classroom on Tuesday, May 25 to continue classroom learning.

-Pre-school classes will remain as in class learning in the school.

-The school calendar remains in place.

-Teachers will provide students and parents with the information necessary to facilitate the change in learning environment either through Google classroom, classtag, text, or email so watch for those notifications.

-The school campout will remain on the calendar for May 13 and 14 but will be similar format to last year.  Each family can plan a backyard adventure with sleeping outside at your discretion.  There will not be any academics scheduled for those two days.

-Teachers may be working from home but will be available to students and parents during the regular school day hours via the communication options provided in their classroom communication to you.

-Parents should check in with your student daily to see if they have completed the assignments or are needing help or should be arranging for a meet with the teacher to ensure the learning continues.

-The best way to communication with the school for general inquires is through the school phone (403) 887-2166 or email.  The school will be open during this period for pickup or drop off of material by appointment.


Thank you for your patience, flexibility and support through this season.  We are preparing to see everyone again on May 25.


Dion Krause