November News

November to RememberNovember to Remember

November has come, and we are excited.  This month will hold special Remembrance day events that will be happening virtually throughout the school. Stay tuned for more information.  There are a few dates that one should be aware of this month and those can be found on the school calendar that has been posted (here).  Report cards will be going home this month, and parent/teacher interviews will be happening (keep an eye out for when you should be booking your individual times).  You can also check out the Operation Christmas Child article on the school website.  

It is a good time to check the winter inventory to see what still fits from previous years before you actually need it for real.  If you want to be comfortable going outside for lengthy periods of time each day make sure you have boots, warm jackets, mittens toques, neck warmers and ski pants.  This will make the time at breaks, lunch and sometimes physical education more comfortable.  Some days you need three different jackets and two types of footwear to keep up with the sudden changes.  Once the inclement weather arrives, if you are ever unsure if there is school check the Facebook page, school website or Twitter or listen to the local radio station or give the school a call or text Mrs. Schimke.  If she has your cell number, she will send you a group text.  Information will generally be posted on the main page of the school website by 7am.  If you are friends with Mr. Krause on Facebook or Twitter you will see his status update as well.