COVID 19 School Update

School ClosureSchool Closure

Dear Parents,

The staff met again this morning to prepare for March 18-19, when we have our distribution party.  We also continue to prepare for rolling out the new way of doing school for the remainder of the year. 

Families are invited to come on either March 18th or 19th between 9 and 3 to pick up report cards and personal items collected at the school.  Some classes will have their items available in the chapel while others will have their items in their classrooms to pick up.  You will be given directions when you arrive as to where to go to collect.  We will have up to 6 families at a time in the building to maintain health protocols that have been mandated.  We are allowing you to come at the best time for you during these two days.  Someone will be manning the door so if you arrive at a time when many have come then you may be asked to wait outside until a space is available.  If you call ahead for a reservation we will ensure that you can come in at your time unless many reserve the same time.  Reservations can be made by calling the office.  If you are unable to come during these two days we ask that you would send someone in your place to pick up the items.

When you come for pickup please return any school items like library books.

The scheduled parent/teacher interviews are postponed.

We are still awaiting some clarification from Alberta Education regarding administrative and educational questions.  They still require time to provide those answers.  In order to minimize the amount of downtime we will be moving our school spring break from April 13-17 to next week, March 23-27.  Many schools in Alberta have opted for this option.  The hope is this will give more time for the decision makers to provide the bodies in the trenches the best information.  It will also allow us to have a solid finish to the year without more (in faith I believe) interruptions.  Thank you for your patience and understanding in all of this unknown.  We can expect to roll out with material for students soon after March 30.

I am praying for you all.  Bless you folks!


Dion Krause