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REGISTRATION for the 2022-2023

school year is open until *September 30, 2022*


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*Note, if you are registering your child for education in Alberta for the first time (besides a preschool program) you will need to have a digital copy of their birth certificate ready to go. You can scan it or take a picture. 


Frequently Asked Questions -


Lighthouse Christian Academy offers a traditional home education program for students kindergarten- grade 12 in which parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student make the choices regarding curriculum, delivery methods and assessment. An Alberta Certified Teacher is assigned to support parents through helping develop a program plan for the year, providing educational opportunities and providing help to evaluate student progress. Two home visits are required during the school year. 

Students in grades 1-12 receive $850.00 in funding for the school year (Expected number for 2022-2023 $850.00). Funding can be used to purchase resources and curriculum, pay for extra-curricular events that pertain to student’s education (ie. swimming lessons being a part of physical education) and pay for educational workshops and field trips. *Please note that Kindergarten students do not receive funding but students are welcome to register with the school to take advantage of the educational opportunities and field trips. 

Students are provided with the opportunity to attend school field trips and special events. Students are also involved with other homeschoolers in the area for activities and can develop relationships with other students their age.

Please feel free to contact our office at (403) 887-2166 or one of our Alberta certified home education program facilitators regarding any questions about the home education program Brittany Krook (403) 877-1487 or Laurel Allan (403) 318-6849 


Reimbursement is not available prior to September 30th and completion and acceptance of registration documents. 

 (please note you will need a digital copy of your child's birth certificate if they have never been registered as a student in Alberta)

For further details regarding the Alberta Ed Home Education Handbook or Home Education Reimbursement Guidelines visit Alberta Education's website:


Alberta Ed Home Education Handbook

Home Education Reimbursement Guidelines


* Please submit all receipts for reimbursement using the

Home Education Reimbursement Form