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Lighthouse Christian Academy offers a traditional homeschooling program for students kindergarten- grade 12 in which parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student make the choices regarding curriculum, delivery methods and assessment. An Alberta Certified Teacher is assigned to support parents through helping develop a program plan for the year, providing educational opportunities and providing help to evaluate student progress. Two home visits are required during the school year. 

Students in grades 1-12 receive $835.40 in funding for the school year. Funding can be used to purchase resources and curriculum, pay for extra-curricular events that pertain to student’s education (ie. swimming lessons being a part of physical education) and pay for attending part time classes at LCA as well as educational workshops and field trips. *Please note that Kindergarten students do not receive funding but students are welcome to register with the school to take advantage of the educational opportunities and field trips. 

Students are given the opportunity to attend LCA part time. It is $5 per day or $100 per course/year to attend. Typically students attend the options classes provided (art, music, pe) and continue with their core courses at home. Students are also invited to attend Wednesday Chapel. Please contact the school office if this is something you would be interested in attending. It is beneficial to sign up to receive the school newsletter weekly as the homeschool newsletter only goes out monthly and the school newsletter can make you aware of any activities. Sign up on the LCA website home page. 

Students are provided with the opportunity to attend school field trips and special events. Students are also involved with other homeschoolers in the area for activities and can develop relationships with other students their age.

Please feel free to contact one of our homeschool program facilitators Brittany Krook (403) 877-1487 or Laurel Allan (403) 318-6849 regarding any questions about the homeschooling program.


Lighthouse Christian Academy 2019-2020 Home Education Information Handbook 

Click here for registration forms, please register by September 30, 2019. (Funding unavailable past this date)

Following registration please complete, sign and return a Program Plan and Waiver Form for each child as well as the Rights & Responsibilities Contract and Admissions Policy for your family. Reimbursement is not available prior to completion of these documents. Program Plans are due Sept 30. If registration is completed after Sept 15 the program plans are due within 15 days. 


For further details regarding the Home Education Handbook or Home Education Reimbursements visit Alberta Education's website:

Home Education Handbook

Home Education Reimbursements 

* Please submit all receipts for reimbursement using the Home Education Reimbursement Form